Saturday, November 21, 2009

keep it classy san diego

My time in paradise is nearing an end.

I am so sad to leave...

...Yet so excited to return to my family and friends.

The only reason I was able to blog at all was because of the lifestyle I maintained here in Hawaii.
Not having to work sure is delightful...

Sadly, I must begin work again upon my return, which means rare free time. Which means little blogging. Which for me means no blogging at all.
There's not much worse than a blog that goes untended to for great lengths of time.
I refuse to do that- Because if you're going to do something, do it fabulously.
And sadly my work is too damn time / emotionally consuming.

I'll of course continue to bum around the blogosphere and will keep pretty active with my Tumblr so stop by once and a while!

My Tumblr is pretty similar to what I do here at A Fine Rhapsody so I hope you do stop by and I hope you enjoy it just as much:)